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Book Description

Anyone privileged with the opportunity to earn a paycheck faces the same daunting question, “What should I do with my money?” Whether you are a college graduate, a young professional or the breadwinner of your family, making financial decisions can be difficult.

How do you maximize each dollar you earn, so that your money works for you, allowing you to enjoy the true pleasures of life?

And…how do you stop money from controlling every aspect of your life like your time, your emotions, your relationships, and how well you sleep at night?

It seems impossible to achieve these things when you’re already strapped for cash and drowning in debt.

In this practical and action-driven book, I explain how you can master your money without having to live off of Ramen noodles and PB&J sandwiches everyday.

By drawing on personal experiences, she shows the reader how to gain more financial control while also earning more money and freedom throughout the process.

In this how-to guide, the reader will receive:

  • Actionable steps to alter their mindset and perspective on how they make financial decisions
  • A blueprint on how to lay and build upon a strong financial foundation
  • Guidance on how to take their money to the next level
  • Insight into their money personality
  • Smart solutions for overcoming common money mistakes

Stop yearning and sabotaging yourself…master your money, take back your life and live it on your own terms before it's too late!

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