Hahna Kane Latonick gives students and young professionals confidence to face the real world.

By connecting to listeners on a personal level and discussing relevant, real life issues and skills, Hahna will give you and your group the tools and motivation they need to excel in their lives, work and passions.

Watch Hahna speak on Fox Business News, encouraging girls to pursue engineering:

Youth Presentations

bal-bs-ae-raytheon-p8-girls-per-20150312Through motivating students and helping them make sound decisions, Hahna connects with her audiences on a sincere, personal level in an engaging way by presenting new ideas and methods that will impact your students. Contact her today to schedule a speaking engagement for your school or organization. Learn more!

College Presentations



The transition from high school into college is one of the most critical transitions a student will make in their life. Invite Hahna to speak at your next orientation program or campus event to help give your students the confidence they need to succeed in college and in life.

By drawing on personal experiences and offering practical advice, Hahna can show your students how to establish a foundation of success to achieve their personal, academic and professional goals. Learn more!

Personal Finance Presentations


Anyone privileged with the opportunity to earn a paycheck faces the same daunting question, “What should I do with my money?” Whether you are a college student,  college graduate, a young professional or the breadwinner of your family, making financial decisions can be difficult.

By drawing on personal experiences and offering practical advice, Hahna can show your audience how to gain more financial control while also earning more money and freedom throughout the process. Learn more and book her for your next finance event.