Conquer Your Credit Before It Conquers You

Martin is a 28 year old entrepreneur, hustler, and professional wrestler that loves personal finance, making money, and getting the most out of life. Since 2008, he has been helping 20-somethings figure out this crazy world of personal finance. He doesn’t just write about money. He also creates courses, works out, and freelances. He even knows a thing or two about real estate. As a result, Martin has helped readers pay off debt, quit their jobs, and do cool things.

Martin has appeared live on Fox Business News and in the New York Times and CBS News. He has been covered on the top blogs like LifeHacker, The Simple Dollar, Get Rich Slowly, and many others. He was invited to speak at the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago and also does public speaking at local high schools.



Next Round's On Me: How-To Achieve Financial Freedom in Your 20s


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